5 Effective Proper Eye Care to Relieve Stress

Proper Eye CareProper eye care is an important habit that should be given to the eye to avoid many of the common eye diseases especially considering the increasing number of diseases related to the eyes. The increase in the occurrence of eye diseases can be linked to increasing number of hours spent in front screens, especially television sets and computer systems.

It is important that we go for a regular eye check up with eyecare specialty person to detect any eye disease and recommend the necessary treatments to correct the defect. Protecting your eyesight is critical and below is some easy but effective eye care tips that can be followed and implemented by everybody.

Why are the eyes strained?

It is important that we take a look at the reason for straining the eyes before delving into ways of taking proper care of the eyes to relieve stress and ensure a longer life for our eyes.

When an image is looked at, light enters the eyes through the iris, which is then transmitted to the lens of the eye otherwise called the cornea. The formed image is subsequently forwarded to the brain which interprets whatever is being seen. The activity illustrated above requires the integration and proper coordination of the structures and the muscles of the eyes.

The muscles of the eyes that are involved in the transmission of the images tend to be overworked when objects like the computer screen, the screen of television sets or even phone screen is looked at. This is because the eyes try to adjust to the light that comes out of these screens. The constant and frequent adjustment of the eyes and the muscles surrounding it leads to straining of the eyes.

It is often argued that the eyes were not structured to look at images seen on phone screens and television sets. This argument was even made popular by Dr.Rohit Shetty of Narayana Netralaya, a renowned eye surgeon. Dr.Rohit, therefore, advised that the circulation to the eyes be improved to correct the damage done by looking at images on TV and phone screens.

Eye fatigue and straining have been identified as major causes of sight problem and below are some ways of ensuring the health of your eyes are kept at an optimal level.

Stimulate the eyes muscles

Stimulating the muscles of the eyes is a simple technique that has to do in the mornings. The technique starts with washing the face with cool or cold water when you wake up in the morning. You then fill your mouth with water and close your eyes before splashing cold water onto your eyes.

The pressure that is exerted by the water in your mouth helps to stimulate the eye muscles while the cold water splashed on your face enlivens the nerve ending and at the same time, rejuvenating the skin.

Massage overworked eyes

Many of us do not only live a sedentary life, but we also watch too much TV and stress our eyes by sitting for too long in from of computers. With this exercise, however, the damages caused by sitting in front of such screens can be significantly reduced. The exercise is aimed at improving the circulation around the eyes to help them recover from the fatigue caused by long hours in front of TV and computer screens. The massage should be done at least four times a day which can be every fours hour.

Wash the Eyes

As opposed to having water splashed into the eyes, it is advised that tridoishic eyewash is used instead. This argument has been backed by eye health experts around the world especially as the preparation of the eyewash is quite straightforward.

Water and triphlachurna are the only ingredients needed to make the eyewash. Triphlachurna is soaked in water overnight, and the liquid is strained in the morning, which is subsequently used to wash the eyes two times daily. This helps to relax the eyes and relieve them of some stress.


Just as the other parts of the body need to be exercised to keep them healthy and to function properly, it is also important to exercise the eyes to help stimulate the eye muscles and those around the eyes.

The exercise is a simple rotation of the eyeballs in virtually all directions – right, left, upwards and downwards, in that order. It should be done in the clockwise direction and anti-clockwise and repeated three to fout times per session.

Bat your eyelids

This is probably the easiest eye care that can be done. All you need to do is blink your eyes as often as possible. It is advised that you blink the eyes every six seconds.

The eyes are important to the body and should be given the care and attention they need. The tips mentioned above will help keep your eye healthy and relieve the stress associated with this organ of the body.